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Welcome to our Creams and Supports Range, PERCUTANE CREAM and TRAUMITANE CREAM (see video) are natural clinical strength creams for all types of Injury, Arthritic Joints, Sore Muscles, Tendons, Ligaments or Nerves, Bruising ,Inflammation and Soothing Relief for Pain. These creams provide a strong safe alternative to chemical based oral or topical products.

We also developed the THERMASTRAP FABRON and ELASTASTRAP ELASTON SUPPORTS (see video) A range of 40 innovative therapeutic supports for Arthritis Sports Injury and Post Op Rehabilitation to use with the creams.

We supply direct online throughout the world, as well as Pharmacies, Health Stores, Physios and Chiropractors, also export to 6 countries. In Australia Percutane is available at Pharmacies or online from our distributor Clinical Technology is a New Zealand based company formed in 1999 by myself Warwick Lightbourne N.T.S.P.M an Injury Consultant, Athletic Coach and founder of Cornwall Injury Clinic (est1982)

After many years working with Olympic Athletes, team injuries as well as Arthritis organisations, we developed and scientifically tested each of these clinically proven products, with many endorsements from arthritis and elite sports.

If you have any queries on the products or product use just email us for advice.

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Percutane developed in 1994, is our powerful, fast acting, natural anti-inflammatory available for Muscular or Joint aches and Pain, Osteoarthritis or Sport injury prevention and treatment. It is also used for Neuralgia, Fibromyalgia and Shingles pain. With a deep penetrating action it works up to 24 hours, and only requires 1 application daily with no lasting odour. Percutane relieves, repairs and restores as Nature Intended.


Traumitane developed in 2011, has a rapid cooling, pain relief action, is a natural powerful recovery cream recommended for Injury, Bruising, Strains, Sprains, Muscular aches or Headaches, Aged/worn joints pain, Rheumatoid arthritis, Leg cramp, and the after effects of fatigue or strenuous exercise. It contains ultra-strength Arnica with transdermal Glucosamine, is a consumer friendly family product with no lasting odour. One Touch Traumitane helps ease pain, mobilises muscles and gives joints a longer life.


Thermastrap is a large range of 26 unique supports, designed to assist Injury, Arthritic joints, Mobility relief and Occupational overuse. Leading the world with adjustability design, we developed Thermastrap Fabron "thermal therapy lining" and perforated breathability to make this unique product range more effective.


Elastastrap is a range of 12 high performance, breathable elastic compression supports, with precision fit design. Apart from maximum comfort, these products empower the user with our exclusive counter stabilising medical springs, all adjustable O.S.F.A. straps and exclusive gel anti-shock protection.


Maternity Support This all adjustable Orthopaedic pregnancy support immediately provides and delivers total comfort for the baby and Mother, plus full abdominal lifting support and pressure reduction on front lower pelvis, hip and back areas. It is also designed to use for after birth tummy recovery.


Common back pain can be preventable and fixable. In today's busy environment "spinal slouch" or lack of lumbar support is a major cause of pain. The exclusive Ortho range has been kinetically designed to help realign spinal function for back, shoulder and neck pain relief.