Thermastrap & Elastastrap

Your Support products Thermastrap & Elastastrap are very popular and I have heard nothing but praise for them in my Pharmacy. Its good to have products that work so well for Arthritis and Sport.
- Peter M / Pharmacist Dunedin 


Firstly I love your products, I had ankle and knee stress fractures and being typical Kiwi refused to slow down on sport. Your  Elastastrap Knee and Ankle supports have keep me going.
- Allan T / NZ Soccer Rep


Hi there  I bought a Thermastrap ankle/foot from you for my chronic plantar fascitis, I felt the benefit immediately and after one week the problem had completely gone.
- Linley B / Auckland

My doctor recommended a Thermastrap support for my bad knee joints due to a car accident. After 10 yrs of agony  and 1 month of daily using the Thermastrap knee support I can now actually walk properly without any stiffness or pain.
- Sally T / Morrinsville