Ortho Wedge Support



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Take Control of Your Back Pain With an Ortho-Wedge

With it’s ultra high-density pressure foam and 15 degree kinetic incline. The OrthoWedge ergonomic spinal support works instantly to help realign muscular and skeletal posture to help release disc pressure, spine, muscle and sciatic nerve tension. For improved alignment, energy flow, mobility and freedom from constant lower back pain, as well as thigh and lower leg pains, including sciatica.

So Easy To Use Anywhere, Anytime, All Of the Time!

The OrthoWedge is perfect for everyday use including at home, in the office or while sitting in a car, van, boat, truck, tractor, most farming or commercial machinery and to help prevent air travel fatigue.

Kinetically Designed, Clinically Tested, Physio Validated

The OrthoWedge is also recommended for vascular pain and improved circulation (which can assist to reduce swelling), as well as after most Orthopedic surgery (especially hip surgery) or serious spinal injury and is used by Chiropractors, Osteopaths, Occupational Health Consultants, Physiotherapists, Hospitals, Spinal Rehab, Rest Homes, Wheelchairs and Mobility Vehicles.

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