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Everyday Back Pain Can Be Controlled

The majority of chairs or seats today don’t provide adequate support, even though some are shaped and look supportive. The modern design does not hold up to expectation. Especially if you have a physical weakness or disc overload. In today’s busy environment, with stress and tiredness, sitting in a bad non-supportive seat or chair drives back pain deeper with discomfort often continuing at night.

How To Avoid Spinal Slouch And Back Pain


ORTHO-LUMBAR ergonomic spinal supports provide 2 options for support.

  1. LARGE CURVE OPTION For upper or mid-thoracic back support or lower back correlation.
  2. SMALL CURVE OPTION For lower lumbar back support.
Where To Use Ortho Lumbar Supports
At home, office, car, van, boat, truck, tractor, factory, flying.

    Ortho Lumbar Support

    • One Size fits the vast majority of chairs
    • Choice of material: Black or Checked

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