Thermastrap® Caring For An Active Lifestyle

Thermastrap® is a total support range clinically developed and specifically designed to assist “Injury Management”.
Thermastrap® is recommended for sports injury or prevention also post operative support or occupation overuse, arthritis and fibromyalgia, muscle or joint stiffness and pain.

Exclusive Features

  • Fabron® lining promotes deep therapeutic circulatory warmth to assist injured or arthritic joints regain mobility.
  • Fabron® also helps regulate heat and eliminates excessive moisture.
  • P.A.F.® Perforated Air Flow System – Enables breathability and expels moisture during active sport.
  • Adjustability – Most supports are adjustable to suit the wearers shape, size and desired level of control.
  • Easy to put on and off, never too tight or loose, won’t slip down. 

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