Sportane a unique massage oil for use by professionals or at home.

Use Sportane sport care massage oil with Arnica to help keep muscles in shape before or after exercising & also for relaxation.
  • The formula is also recommended for use on stretch marks.
  • Has no heating effect, free from artificial preservatives or colouring, & has a light pleasant non-allergenic aroma.
  • Sportane contains natures most recognised botanical extracts to help replenish dry skin associated with exercise or the outdoor environment.
  • Very fine high quality formula contains extracts of:-
    Arnica oil for fatique plus muscle tone
    Sweet Almond Oil - protein rich nourishment
    Grapeseed Oil - vitamin plus mineral rich
    Avacado Oil - Vitamins A + E, skin softening
    Carrot Seed Oil - skin tone, elasticity, stretch lines
    Neroli Oil - enriching & rejuvinating
  • Comes in two volume size bottles 250ml ($15.00) or 1 Litre ($49.00)
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