Percutane® Sports Action "High Performance"

Percutane® is a powerful, fast acting natural cream clinically developed for muscular & joint mobility, flexibility and pain. Developed in 1999 as Percutane® Natures Cream, 2010 introduces two new products in a 75gram tube and 50% more arnica PERCUTANE SPORTS ACTION and PERCUTANE JOINTS ACTION 

"Peak Performance With Percutane®"

Features -
  • Effectiveness Sports Preparation - Pre-event warm up to improve muscles & joint function & performance
  • Injury prevention and treatment - Helps relax tight muscles and activates joints during intense or demanding sport
  • Prolonged 24hr effect - Lasting formula action provides a quicker recovery & reduces muscular fatigue
  • Helps prevent leg cramp
  • Ideal for daily activity - Helps maintain more regular fitness & injury free training
  • Consumer friendly - Odourless after application and non-greasy
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