Percutane® Joint Action -

Percutane® is a powerful, fast acting natural cream clinically developed for muscular & joint mobility, flexibility and pain. Developed in 1999 as Percutane® Natures Cream, 2010 introduces two new products in a 75gram tube and 50% more arnica PERCUTANE SPORTS ACTION and PERCUTANE JOINTS ACTION

"Joint Mobility & Flexibility With Percutane®"

Percutane® Joint Action is a deep penetrating solution for assisting joint mobility & flexibility. Percutane® helps relax muscles & activate joints. It soothes as you move.

Features -
  • Assists joints - For pain relief from stiff aching joints, muscles or tendons. Restores lost mobility & muscular flexibilty
  • Rapid action - Quickly absorbed formula response after application
  • Prolonged 24hr Effect - Lasting benefit, econmical to use just one application required daily
  • Rehabilitation - After injury, accidents or surgery, strains, sprains, bruises.
  • Soothes as you move - Highly recommended for joint or muscular discomfort and restriction associated with Arthritis or Fibromyalgia
  • Multi-use formula - Triple action anti-inlammatory ingrediants, Arnica, Aloe Vera, Burdock, plus Capsaicin for mobility and pain
  • Plus - Can also be used for diabetic neuropathy, shingles or sciatica
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